About Us

We take a holistic, collaborative approach to helping you achieve your strategic goals. As your trusted advisor, we clarify the plan and then ensure that your entire team is unified in the same direction to execute the plan. We understand the challenges and complexities of what lies ahead. We look forward to being your strategic advisor, should we be so honored as to earn your trust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect your legacy. This is our purpose, our calling. We are humbled by the many opportunities we have had to help businesses thrive.

Our Values

We believe that life is precious and every person is valuable in the eyes of God. As such, we have an obligation to provide for our successors in a proactive, responsible manner.

The Tamarisk Tree

The tamarisk tree is planted in the desert. It requires cultivation; therefore, it is rarely found growing naturally on its own. The leaves of the tamarisk tree absorb what little moisture is in the air, then remarkably they release this moisture in the shade of the tree. Acting as a natural air conditioner, the shade of the tamarisk tree is fifteen percent cooler than the surrounding air. This is considered a luxury in the desert. The other stunning thing about the tamarisk tree is that it takes a staggering eighty years to grow to full maturity. The person that plants a tamarisk tree will never experience its benefits. Their grandchildren will be the ones to benefit from the planting of the tamarisk tree.

The tamarisk tree is mentioned in The Bible. In Genesis 13, God promises Abraham that the Canaanite land would be given to him and his offspring forever. God also promises Abraham that his offspring would be so numerous they would be unable to be counted. Genesis 21:33 says, “Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he called on the name of the Lord, the Eternal God.” Abraham knew he would not enjoy the benefits of this tree. Instead, he planted the tree for his grandchildren and their grandchildren: a legacy for future generations.

How many tamarisk trees did you plant today?
How many things do you do every day that are going to live beyond you?
How many things do you do that will impact future generations?

Just like Abraham, your legacy will be planted when your succession plan is well-prepared and in place.