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What is FastTrack?

Fast Track is a 10-week program that introduces you to a life-changing experience!


As a program participant, you will receive:


(1) A highly-accurate business valuation and analysis;


(2) Deep insight into how to improve your business valuation; and 


(3) Proven tools to increase your business valuation, profitability, and  sustainability.


Each session is facilitated by a Certified Value Builder Advisor.


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  • Scientific methodology proven to dramatically increase the value and sustainability of your business in the shortest time possible

  • Discover how to leverage the 8 Drivers of Company Value

  • Learn how to plan for generational succession, prepare for the sale of your business, or simply create autonomy within your organization

  • Guided weekly Zoom meetings with a Certified Value Builder Advisor and like-minded business owners
  • One-on-one meetings with your Advisor prior to and upon completion of the program

  • Exclusive access to The Value Builder System Score, PREScore and Freedom Score reports


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“80% of business owners intend for the succeeding generation to take over, but fewer than 20% have begun planning for succession.”
– Family-Owned Business Institute